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Every student learns differently.
Our tutors adapt, connect, and coach for success.

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We deliver customized coaching by certified tutors, with a whole-person approach that yields results far beyond the classroom.
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Math  •  English Language Arts  •  Science
Social Studies  •  ACT/SAT Prep  •  Study Skills

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Tutoring Services

Unique services. Extraordinary results.

Individualized Coaching

Our research-based learning styles assessment ensures every tutor delivers each session in exactly the way your child learns best. 

Positive Motivation

Beyond our rewards system, we help students learn to cherish the learning process as they gain confidence and a sense of purpose.

Learning Made Relevant

As pioneers in character and leadership development, we help students understand the link between their current academics and their future pursuits.

Connected With Schools

We have close relationships with local schools to help students bridge their schoolwork and tutoring sessions.

Prepared for the Future

We believe that family members are teammates who grow closer as they work toward a family legacy together. Every element of our program helps families move forward.

Enay Tutors hold Lifetime Certification from the College Reading & Learning Association.

College & Career Planning

Cultivating Legacy-Minded Servant-Leaders is our company mission, and we believe the journey starts with building strong family teamwork. We'll help your family develop a mission, and work together as a team to prepare for the journey ahead.

Talk with a Coach.
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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) and arts applications are core strengths among our tutoring team. Enay Coaching is proud to be an innovator in the areas of STEM & Arts instruction, as well as a community leader in workforce development and leadership coaching for the up-and-coming generation of innovators.

Look for updates on our work with Project Learning Tree, MathOutreach, and other local STEM & Arts projects.


& Arts

STEM & Arts
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