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Middle School & High School Sessions
July 17th-31st

MathLife™ begins where many students struggle most with middle-school level math, helping them finally grasp decimals, fractions, percents, and integers. 

Students will complete online courses full of practice activities and career simulator games with a small group of their peers, all led by a Certified Enay Coach. We're known best for a customized approach that connects with students of all levels!

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Once these skills are unlocked, you'll hear a lot less

"I'm not a math person"

and a lot more 

"maybe I'll be a scientist!"

Ten Online Sessions

MathLife™ is a ten-session course starting with Family Orientation &

Pre-Assessment Day, and ending with Graduation & Rewards Day.

Total Tuition


Includes sessions, practice guides, games, and rewards.

July 2021 Session Dates

Saturday, July 17 • Family Orientation & Assessment
Mondays through Thursdays, July 19-29 • Coaching Sessions
Saturday, July 31 • Graduation & Rewards

Session Times*

Middle School Course: 
Select 9:30am or 1:30pm EST
High School Course: Select 11:00am  or 3:00pm EST
*Select available course times at registration. Time block must remain consistent throughout each day of the course.


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Graduation & Rewards!

Family Orientation & Pre-Assessment!

July 2021










How many students are grouped in sessions?

Small groups will be no greater than five students; most will be capped at four students. This is the optimal size range to ensure every student gets individual attention as well as mutual encouragement and collaboration with peers.

Will middle school and high school students be in the same course?

High schoolers and middle schoolers will be grouped in separate courses, and they will all review the same content and coursework.

Is there a sibling discount if I enroll more than one child?

There is no discount for siblings at this time, but we may offer that in the future!

May I receive a refund if my summer schedule changes after I've already paid for the course?

If your summer schedule changes, we'll be happy to work with you to provide a prorated refund.

Can I mix and match course times, i.e., enroll in the 10am class on Tuesdays, the 1pm class on Wednesdays, the 11:30am class on Thursdays, etc.?

The courses are designed to keep student groups together throughout the course, so families must select a consistent time block for all session dates.