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Middle School & High School Sessions
July 17th-31st

MathLife™ begins where many students struggle most with middle-school level math, helping them finally grasp decimals, fractions, percents, and integers. 

Students will complete online courses full of practice activities and career simulator games with a small group of their peers, all led by a Certified Enay Coach. We're known best for a customized approach that connects with students of all levels!

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Once these skills are unlocked, you'll hear a lot less

"I'm not a math person"

and a lot more 

"maybe I'll be a scientist!"

Ten Online Sessions

MathLife™ is a ten-session course starting with Family Orientation &

Pre-Assessment Day, and ending with Graduation & Rewards Day.

Total Tuition


Includes sessions, practice guides, games, and rewards.

July 2021 Session Dates

Saturday, July 17 • Family Orientation & Assessment
Mondays through Thursdays, July 19-29 • Coaching Sessions
Saturday, July 31 • Graduation & Rewards

Session Times*

Middle School Course: 
Select 9:30am or 1:30pm EST
High School Course: Select 11:00am  or 3:00pm EST
*Select available course times at registration. Time block must remain consistent throughout each day of the course.


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Graduation & Rewards!

Family Orientation & Pre-Assessment!

July 2021








  • Professional Certified Tutor • opportunities open
    If you are not currently a certified tutor, you may work toward certification if selected for hire. ​ Closing Date: Applications are welcome at any time. ​ ​ THE IDEAL TEAM MEMBER ​ - Displays a lifestyle of interest and activity that is consistent with Enay Coaching’s core principles of servant leadership. - Demonstrates a proactive, solution-minded approach to new challenges. - Demonstrates exceptional writing and communication skills for interaction with the stakeholders (teachers, parents, and Enay team) involved in a student’s tutoring process. - Demonstrates a truthful, teachable, and transparent attitude and work ethic. - Is proficient with Microsoft Office software and/or Google office applications. - Has experience working with K-12, college, and/or adult education (ideal, but not required). ​ APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS - A grade of "B" or higher is required in the subject area you wish to tutor, AND an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher is required for applicants currently enrolled in school. Please provide copies of your academic transcripts, diplomas, teaching certificates, tutoring certifications, or any documents that support your qualifications. - Applicants must pass a proficiency assessment in their desired tutoring subject area. - Two letters of recommendation from professors and/or employers are required. As a minimum, recommendation letters should include: - description of relationship with the applicant - assessment of the applicant’s competency in the subject area in which they wish to tutor - assessment of the applicant's observed coaching or tutoring abilities (enthusiasm, empathy, patience, flexibility, interpersonal communication, etc.) - assessment of the applicant’s level of responsibility, accountability, and time management skills ​ Letters should be mailed directly from providers to Enay Coaching via email ( or via postal mail: Enay Coaching P.O. Box 10193, Valdosta, GA 31604 ​ ​ A results-oriented resume that communicates measurable results of your past work is required. ​ ​ ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Tutors on our team are responsible for: - Providing academic and developmental support to students in an individual or small-group setting. - Using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, and build confidence in students. - Coaching students on study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking skills. - Implementing student-specific or group-specific lesson plans that align with industry and school standards. - Documenting tutoring sessions and outcomes using our tutoring management system. - Providing students’ performance feedback to parents/guardians, teachers, and the Enay Coaching team. - Creating the ideal learning environment by modeling empathy, perseverance, and diligence. - Participating in training and professional development activities to improve tutoring practices or learn new tutoring techniques. - Researching or recommending resources that support and enhance tutoring program quality and results. - Keeping a professional and groomed appearance in Enay Coaching uniforms and/or other designated attire. Please note that the above list is not an exhaustive list of all the responsibilities with this role. Tutors in this position may perform additional duties as assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to enable them to perform these essential responsibilities. Enay Coaching has the right to change, update, or revise the content of this job description at any time without notice. ​ ADDITIONAL NOTES Our team members are very relational and supportive. Our work environment appeals to self-directed, flexible team players that are receptive to coaching, embrace professional and personal growth, and take initiative when faced with professional opportunities. This is a part-time position with flexible hours. Tutoring opportunities may exist throughout Lowndes County and surrounding areas. Opportunities may be available for morning, afternoon, and/or evening timeframes either at the Enay Coaching Education Center, school campuses, or community support sites. The compensation for this position ranges from $10/hr to $25/hr depending on experience and participation in professional development opportunities. Tutors are given opportunities to advance in certification and pay by fulfilling corresponding training and development requirements. Tutors report to the work site supervisor.
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